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Happy Maha Shivaratri

May 23, 2017 By vmclicks

Maha Shivratri, which literally translates to “great night of Shiva” is a Hindu festival largely celebrated in India as well as in Nepal. The festival is celebrated on the new […]

Havelock Islands _ Through Wide Angle Lens

May 23, 2017 By vmclicks

Havelock Island is part of Ritchie’s Archipelago, in India’s Andaman Islands. It’s known for its dive sites and beaches, like Elephant Beach, with its coral reefs. Crescent-shaped Radhanagar Beach is […]

Boat House at Allepey

May 22, 2017 By vmclicks

The Kettuvallom (Houseboats in Kerala) was a large floating formation with high load carrying capacity in a element of Kerala’s culture and heritage. Kettuvallom transports goods from the isolated and […]