Red squirrel

The red squirrel or Eurasian red squirrel is a species of tree squirrel in the genus Sciurus common throughout Eurasia. The red squirrel is an arboreal, omnivorous rodent. Red squirrels look different from other squirrels that live in trees because they are small and have deep reddish fur. They are much smaller than grey squirrels.

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Sitapur Beach is a serene seafront, situated at the tip of the Neil Island in Andaman. Seemingly endless stretches of verdant foliage and white sand render breathtaking natural beauty. This picturesque beach along with the vast sea and clear blue sky forms a stunning landscape that mesmerises every visitor. Natural limestone formations are present all over this beach, which add to its scenic charm. Though prone to high tides, this beach is considered safe for swimming. It is ideal to visit the beach at the time of dawn, when the sun rises above the horizon.

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Havelock Island is part of Ritchie’s Archipelago, in India’s Andaman Islands. It’s known for its dive sites and beaches, like Elephant Beach, with its coral reefs. Crescent-shaped Radhanagar Beach is a popular spot for watching the sunset. On the island’s east side, rocky sections mark long, tree-lined Vijaynagar Beach. The island's forested interior is home to birdlife such as white-headed mynas and woodpeckers.

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